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Heimdallr Drone Solutions cover Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire 

Our fully insured drones and Civil Aviation Authority approved operators offer a wide range of services in the aerial drone photography and videography workspace.

Using a drone pilot is the most cost effective way to capture aerial views.

So you have an asset which is in need of inspection which is difficult to access? 

You’re fed up with the cost and time it takes to install scaffolding or use a cherry picker?

Or you don’t want to keep on putting people into dangerous positions who will struggle to capture the best data?


Our drones are capable of completing a wide range of aerial services from, roofing and chimney inspections, general building inspections, church and spire inspections, real estate aerial photography and videography, construction site aerial data collection, infrastructure inspections, not excluding social events such as weddings, fetes, fairs and parties.


We operate the latest DJI Drones which are capable of delivering  up to 48MP photos and 5.1K video.

Please understand that we do not think it appropriate to display a gallery of our Drone Solutions to date

as we treat each project with total confidentiality.

We are more than happy to demonstrate our capabilities when discussing your specific brief.

How We 4 easy steps


Step 1:  Quote

We will spend time with you to understand your requirements to achieve what you need.  We will provide you with the most cost effective solution available to meet your specific brief.


Step 2:  Risk Assessment

Once our quotation has been accepted we will agree convenient dates and times for an assessment of the area/site and proposed operational dates.  

A Risk Assessment will be produced to ensure any/all hazards are covered so that the project can be completed as safely as possible.


Step 3:  Deployment

We will confirm the weather is suitable 24 hours in advance of the agreed date.  We will conduct a further onsite assessment upon arrival to ensure no additional hazards are present. Our aim is to complete the project as  professionally as possible.


Step 4:  Deliver the Results

We will deliver the results via a secure online link and on a USB stick.

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