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Will Hughes, Director


Jim Ponsonby, Director

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The Directors of Heimdallr Solutions Ltd, Will Hughes and Jim Ponsonby, together have 60 years of operational experience working with government departments, energy, financial services, hospitality, health, law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies in over 70 countries worldwide.

Whilst maintaining a global operational capability to assist government and commercial clients with enhanced due diligence, open source intelligence, cyber security, physical security, surveillance and intelligence lead operations, Will and Jim also provide bespoke training within the workplace which draws on their unique knowledge, experience and insights.

Not what you find in a handbook or training manual.

In addition to the Directors, Heimdallr has built a cadre of trainers and role players, predominantly with a career within the intelligence community. Our services are further enhanced by a team of professional associates who have experience in the Military, Law Enforcement, Counter Terrorism and Investigating Serious Organised Crime and hold a minimum of Government Security Cleared certification.

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