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Communicating with and Understanding Vulnerable Customers

This course is relevant to all business sectors or individuals who have customer contact.   


This course is delivered as a half day interactive course which raises awareness and understanding of the factors that may make a customer vulnerable. This includes the ageing process, cognitive difficulties and mental health issues.  Delegates participate in an experiential exercise which simulates some aspects of sensory loss. This helps to develop empathy and understanding of how a person with vulnerabilities may experience the service or products that the organisation provides. Delegates build on this experience and the increased knowledge and understanding of vulnerable customers developed during the course to identify improvements and changes to their own business practice. 


This course deals with the British Standard 18477:2010.

Inclusive Service provision-Requirements for identifying

& responding to consumer vulnerability.

This course is CPD accredited.


Course Dates:  TBC

                       (Zoom/ Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing)


Course Location:  Online 


Maximum No of Attendees:   8 


Course Fee:  The cost of this course is £175.00 + VAT,  per person


Information & Booking: 

For further information and to book onto this course

please contact our training coordinator on 07834 087960 or email

2-Day Basic Interviewing Course

This course is suitable to all business sectors and anyone who leads or manages a team or has to interview on a regular basis.

This course is delivered as a 2-day interactive course.  The course will raise awareness and understanding on many of the factors needed to achieve the most when interviewing or working closely with individuals, it will demonstrate how to achieve the maximum amount of information flow and work with reluctance or negativity.

Remember when dealing with people we are not dealing with creatures of logic.  We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.

Over the 2-days some of the areas we will cover are:

  • What is the purpose of the interview?

  • Interview Structure & Planning

  • The PEACE Model

  • How to challenge information given

  • To influence others to give information willingly 

  • Closing an interview

  • Evaluation of the interview

We will achieve this through a series of presentations, tutorials, practical exercises, discussions and feedback over the two days.

This course is CPD accredited. 


Course Dates:  TBC


Course Location:   Online using Zoom


Maximum No of Attendees:       6


Course Fee:  The cost of this 2-day course is £525.00 + VAT, per person


Information & Booking:  

​For further information and to book onto this course

please contact our training coordinator on 07834 087960 or email

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